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Baby Naming Ceremony in 12 Easy Steps 

Compile a Baby Naming Ceremony 

Because a Naming Ceremony is not an official or legal ceremony, you, as the parent, can use your imagination in planning it.

Some of the things you might like to consider is


1. Baby's Name.
Does it mean something special to you or your family? Have you named your baby after someone you think a great deal of? Is the name based on your own cultural roots and you want the baby to carry on your heritage? Would you like to share that with those present?


2. Significant Relatives.
Is the baby lucky enough to have Grandparents, or even Great Gandparents, Great Grand Uncles? What role have they played in your life, and what role do you want them to play in the life of your baby?


3. Is yours an Adopted Baby?
Would you like to share some of your experiences while waiting for the arrival of your baby. If you already have other children, do they want to make a commitment to the new sibling? Is the child old enough to make a commitment to the new family he or she has become a member of. 


4. Parental Promises.
As parents, do you want to make a special promise to your child, or share with everyone your feelings or hopes for your baby?


5. Sibling's Role.
If you already have other children, would they like to participate by presenting the baby with a flower, a special toy, a drawing, a handmade gift, or just say a public 'hello'.


6. Grandparents' Promises.
Similarly with the Grandparent, or significant relatives. Would they like to read a poem, or make special promises to the baby?


7. Godparents and the Baby.
Whether you call them Godparents, Guideparents, Guardians, Sponsors, Lifeguardians or Mentors, you might like to tell everyone why you have chosen these particular people. What have they meant in your life, and what do you expect of them as the special adult in your baby's life.


8. Guests and the Baby.
Involve your guests by asking them as a group, or individually, to affirm their support to you as parents, and their support as responsible for helping to promote the welfare of the next generation.


9. Good Wishes for the Baby.
Encourage each guest to write a note of good wishes for the baby, or a way in which the guest intents to share his or her talent and time with your child as your baby grows.


10. Compiling Memories.
Start a Scrap Book for your baby and ask each guest to write a message in it. This might include a helpful hint, or a hope for the future, or a poem. Something the child will enjoy reading once he or she is able to do so.


11. Baby Naming Certificates.
Give a Certificate to all the people who you feel are connected to the baby - Godparents, Grandparents, Significant Older Relatives, cousins who will make up your babies life.


12. Baby Naming Programs.
As part of building of memories, Celebrant Vlady provides, as part of the service, a program of your baby's Naming Ceremony. Make it personal by including a photograph of your baby, or some graphic you like.


Sample Baby Naming Ceremony



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